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Post by Evelyn Hsiao on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:30 pm

I approve Yihsieh of his comments very much. Very Happy In Taiwan, we are almost watching anime on TV and manga in on children. So it’s not exaggerated that he or she said that I was brought up with anime and manga. Take Doraemon for example, the robot has accompanied with people for 40 years and I am not the exception. I really love Doraemon with its wonderful thongs. cheers It gives a lot of imagination about future to children and adult alike.
No matter what cartoon characters hooks on you, they have affected us a lot indeed. Anime mascots can be also found in everywhere as soon as it was come out. Interestingly, it’s similar with the two places. In Taiwan, Japanese anime stands strongly and will be with us forever. cheers

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