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Post by Lisa. on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:58 pm

Micchi in Toronto
When I was small, Doraemon is one of my best friends, too!!! Japanese manga is my favorite type of TV show. Because in it, everything will came true! There may be a lot of unbelievable animals. Or everyone in that world all has magic power! No matter how crazy you imagine, they will all became a true story through the painter’s hands!
And no matter how long it past, Miyazaki Hayao’s creations are always my favorite! Totoro, the cat’s gratitude, Laputa, etc. All of his creations are not only just interesting stories, but also have a lot of lessons in it. And his stories are all so different from other kinds of stories. Each of them is totally talking about an independent background. Not like other stories, there will not always have a big hero to save the world or gain a magic power to protect people from bad things or whatever.
In addition to the contents of these anime and manga, music in it is also the thing I am interested in, too. The songs are connected to the story and are so amazing! So when we are watching these interesting TV shows. Don’t forget to pay attention to their songs, too.
I think anime and manga are things that suit to every age of people and I think I would still be stuck in one of them even though I am an adult. So I thing manga and anime are not only for relaxing, but also things to remind us that we are still have a child-like ‘I’ in our mind! So keep our mind young, we will be happy everyday. With these anime and manga! LOL.


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