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Post by Admin on Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:09 am

NaMaste, Minna sun! (Hello everyone!)

I am the administrator of this site, YZU teacher Mr. Kerr.
I set up this site in 2010 when YZU and a school in Malang, Indonesia used this site to exchange ideas.
Now YZU and NUCB are using this site again to make friends!
I intentionally leave those posts in the previous project here so that you can take a look at what happened.
I hope you can have more posts than the last project and have more fun this time!
Very Happy

So for new comers, please register first, use your full name as the username so that we all know who you are.
After you log in, you can post messages.

A group list will be given to you by your teacher, and you will know which group you belong to. Go to that group and post your messages there.

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